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We’re Also Clients

Sy is still a client, but the company has changed dramatically. However, from Stylists, to Center Managers to even our CEO, many Hair Club employees are still clients today.

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Hollywood Star Hosts New Commercial

Check out our latest infomercial featuring our favorite superhero! See why actor Dean Cain recommends Hair Club to help you get the full hair you’ve always wanted. With several different hair restoration options, Hair Club has the perfect hair loss solution for you.

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Is Hair Loss Linked to Prostate Cancer?

A recent study published in in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that men with male pattern baldness at age 45 have a 40% increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer later in life, as opposed to 45-year-old men with no hair loss.

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Lavon learned the hard way that hats are not a realistic solution to hair loss. Find out what steps he took to deal with his thinning hair. Discovering My Hair Loss Initially, I started noticing my hair loss in my early 20’s. I really didn’t think much of it at…

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Canada’s recognized leader in hair loss solutions and advances. By offering all proven solutions, Hair Club is able to personalize a treatment just for you, all while saving your time and money on one-size-fits all “solutions” that just don’t work. Non-Surgical: Quicker than other options and available regardless of your hair…

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rom Stylists, to Center Managers to even our CEO, many Hair Club employees are still also clients. Because so many of us have personally experienced hair loss, we know what it feels like. First the worry and depression, then the confidence and freedom that comes with any of our proven solutions. We’ve been there. We can help you.