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Using Styling Tools on Thinning Hair

April 10, 2012

Using Styling Tools on Thinning Hair Just because you are suffering from hair loss, currently in a female hair restoration program, or have damaged and thinning hair; that doesn’t mean you can’t use certain styling tools. We discuss the proper and safe way to use: round brushes, blow dryers, and hair irons on areas with thinning and damaged hair.

Foods that Promote Healthy Hair

April 10, 2012

Foods for Healthy Hair Everyone has heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. Well, the same can be said for your hair to a certain extent. You might be surprised to learn that eating various amounts of healthy foods can help you to promote strong & healthy hair. Take a look at our most recent video, which discusses the potential benefits and foods in more detail.

Soap vs Shampoo

April 10, 2012

Soap vs Shampoo It may surprise you to learn, that an alarming number of men, use nothing more than a bar of soap so wash their hair. Many of them simply do not understand the benefit of using shampoo. If you are one of these men, and are interested in keeping a full head of healthy hair you may want to listen up. This video describes the best methods for using shampoo to keep your… Read more

Multivitamins and Promoting Healthy Hair

April 10, 2012

Multivitamins and Healthy Hair – Can They Help Stop Hair Loss? You’ve probably heard a lot about what a large role vitamins play in our health these days, but what about when it comes to our hair? What (if any) are the potential benefits of taking multi or specific vitamins for keeping hair healthy and preventing various types of hair loss? Do multi-vitamins promote strengthening and thickening of the hair? Studies suggest that they do,… Read more

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