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44 Percent of Men Say Their Female Partners Favor a Great Hairline Over a Man’s Virility

August 31, 2012

New Hair Club-Harris Poll Reveals The Leading Role Hair Plays In Dating, At The Workplace, And As A Self-Esteem Driver Hair Club ( has released some surprising findings today based on a recent Harris Interactive poll, which showed that 44 percent of men believe their female partners care more about their hair – how full it is and how good it looks – than their virility. Supporting that statistic, the survey of 2,088 adults also… Read more

Hair Club Offers Support For Sufferers Of Incurable Hair Loss Condition At 4th Annual Alopeciapalooza

August 16, 2012

Hair Club (, in partnership with the Children’s Alopecia Project, served as a title sponsor for the 4th annual Alopeciapalooza event. Held August 9-12 at North Topsail Beach in North Carolina, the weekend event brought together hundreds of children and adults who suffer from alopecia, an incurable hair loss condition. North America’s largest provider of all proven hair restoration services, Hair Club has helped more than 500,000 men and women of all ages suffering from… Read more

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