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What affect does “hard water” have on hair?


October 26, 2012

First of all let’s identify what Hard Water is. As rain water seeps into the ground and passes through rocks such as limestone, it picks up minerals like magnesium and calcium along the way. These minerals along with others like iron make the water “hard to work with”. Hard water is good to drink and to water gardens and yards due to the high mineral content. But it is bad for hair. This type of… Read more

What is the right temperature for curling & flat irons?


October 19, 2012

This is a difficult question to answer. For starters, you will need an iron with variable heat settings in order to control it. I don’t recommend using a curling/flat iron without a heat setting. When using hot tools on on fine, fragile or color treated hair, you should select a low heat setting — below 200 degrees — to avoid burning or damaging the hair. Personally, I would recommend a setting under 140°.  If you hair… Read more

Cancer Treatment And Hair Loss: What To Know, What You Can Do

October 9, 2012

Physician and Expert Stylists Offer Current Information, Advice, and Tips for Addressing the Cosmetic Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation As conversations turn to cancer prevention, treatment and research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Hair Club is offering advice and understanding to educate patients on the cosmetic side effects of cancer treatment. While the threat of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy or radiation is widely understood, many patients facing the reality… Read more

What Brush Should You Use On Thinning Hair?


October 5, 2012

Ever wonder what type of brush to use? If your hair is thinning or damaged, keep these tips in mind to select the best brush. Here are some tips to follow when selecting a brush: • Always choose a brush that has protective ball-tips. • Padded brushes or vent brushes, all with protective ball-tips are great brushes for short styles (see “Appropriate Brushes” below). • Padded paddle brushes with protective ball-tips are great for long… Read more

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