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Hair-Helping Foods To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving


November 21, 2013

Hair Club Reveals Holiday Foods That Promote Hair Growth Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for health and happiness—and to show off your great hair! And what better way to enjoy all of the above than over an abundance of delicious food with family and friends? Many people aren’t aware that hair requires the same overall nutrition that the body does—a well balanced diet complete with protein, fruits, vegetables and grains. While Thanksgiving dinner can… Read more

Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration?


November 21, 2013

Would your life be different if you had your hair back?  Dreaming of a full head of hair might have you wondering if hair restoration is right for you but before you commit to hair restoration, it’s important to understand what exactly  the term “hair restoration” means. Hair restoration is a broad term.  While many associate it with a single hair-loss solution like hair transplants or non-surgical treatments like Rogaine, the term actually includes all… Read more

Classifying Women’s Hair Loss on the Ludwig Scale


November 11, 2013

Female hair loss is much different than men’s.  Women tend to have thinning hair throughout the scalp, unlike men who develop full bald spots. Male baldness can be classified by the Hamilton-Norwood Scale but because female hair loss is of an entirely different nature, there is a separate scale for women’s hair loss. Female baldness is measured on a chart known as the Ludwig Scale. The Ludwig Scale is designed to classify Female Pattern Hair… Read more

Understanding Men’s Hair Loss on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale


November 6, 2013

Men typically develop “bald spots” and/or a receding hair line as they age.  The most common measurement used in classifying the level of hair loss in men is the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. Dr. James Hamilton first developed The Hamilton Scale in the 1950s, which was later revised and updated by Dr. O’Tar Norwood in the 1970s. Today, this scale is commonly referred to as the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. The Hamilton-Norwood measurement system ranges from a level one,… Read more

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