Women's Hair Loss

Anything is Possible!

I would like to share a story about one of my clients who struggled with hair loss. She has been my client for almost a year and has touched my heart in so many ways. Although going through such a tragedy of losing her hair she stayed strong and believed her hair would come back, never once complaining or asking “when will I get it back”, but knowing that her hair would indeed return. Getting her hair back was a miracle for her!

She is in her late 60’s when one day suddenly, she lost the whole top section of her hair while still having the perimeter around her hair line, it was completely bald. She was stunned that this occurred so suddenly- all in just one day! She had what is called “Alopecia Totalis” which is a disorder doctors do not fully understand. It is shocks to the system were the white blood cells attack the hair follicle, causing you to lose your hair. This can be cause by some type of emotional stress to a person. She was with her hairstylist when this happened, which for a hairstylist to see this happen while shampooing, coloring and/or styling can be stylist’s worst night mare. We think “Oh my goodness- what did we do wrong”? Which in this case it had nothing to do with her stylist but was caused by her own body. At that moment she was devastated, embarrassed and couldn’t understand why this would happen to her. She had heard about Hair Club® and decided to take a chance with using our EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy program and received our in-house treatments. This treatment consists of moisturizing and revitalizing hair loss shampoo, a conditioner that encourages thick and healthy hair with a system of proteins and wheat amino acids, followed by an enzyme scalp cleanser that removes DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that causes hair loss) and oil buildup. With this program you are also provided with nutritional supplements and the FDA-approved hair regrowth agent Minoxidil to help regrow hair.

When I first met her I was so thrilled to work on such a beautiful soul. Here this lovely woman who has lost a huge part of her hair and came into the center with a bright smile, large amounts of hope and her positive attitude was absolutely amazing! I was a little worried this program might not work for her, I thought the damage may be too sever to reverse, but we worked with her every month making sure she never missed a step. Every month she would come in for her treatments and we documented the status of her hair to find that her hair would continue to grow, get thicker and it became stronger within each visit.

She now has a full head of beautify and healthy hair. We almost cried together with excitement at the results, I couldn’t wait to see her every month as her hair kept progressing. Knowing I could style her hair and make her feel beautiful again is something I will never forget. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help someone with such a tragic event in their life. I helped her get her hair back! I went through this journey with her that was at first a devastation that ended up turning into a miracle. She is now able to be herself again and her results are the best I have ever seen in all the years I have worked with Hair Club®. I just want to thank her for letting us share her story. She has shown me that anything is possible. Hair Club® truly changed her life, and getting her hair back was a moment she will never forget.


Having struggled with hair-loss myself and seeing what clients go through from suffering to happiness is a feeling I understand and fully appreciate.


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