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African-American Hair Loss Solutions, Personalized Just For You

African-American hair is different than other races. Hair Club, the leading expert in providing black hair loss and regrowth solutions, can work with you to develop a customized solution for your unique hair type and situation. Look around. It’s no secret that hair types vary greatly between ethnicities. African American…

Is Hair Loss Linked to Prostate Cancer?

A recent study published in in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that men with male pattern baldness at age 45 have a 40% increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer later in life, as opposed to 45-year-old men with no hair loss.

You Can Treat Your Male Pattern Baldness

As a guy, there’s just something about having a full head of hair. Hair loss can take more than your hair; it can take your confidence along with it. You may think that hair loss is something you simply have to deal with, but with new technology, you have a choice when it comes to keeping and regaining your hair.