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Does Mitt Romney Have Better Hair?

October 1, 2012

Posted in Male Hair Loss

Does Mitt Romney Have Better Hair Poll

The one thing all voters want in their president – hair! Just take a look below at the presidents for the last 35 years. Now that it is impossible to avoid images and videos of candidates in news, social medias, commercials, even gossip shows, a good head of hair has emerged as a crucial presidential characteristic.

So why is hair so important? Not only does it make people more physically attractive, but hair loss sufferers tend to have lower self-esteem.

Either candidate in this year’s election will continue the tradition of bringing a full head of hair to the Oval Office. But who has the better look? Political viewpoints aside, which candidate do you think has better hair?! Vote now and leave your comments below.

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Though not born with lasting locks, Sy Sperling wasn’t
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About the author

Hair Loss Expert Author Frank DeCarlo is the VP of Research & Product Development at Hair Club - the leader in hair restoration. Not only has he been working in the industry for more than 25 years, Frank is also a hair transplant patient. Frank knows how hair loss feels and what solutions actually work.

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