Healthy Hair

There’s a lot to love about this time of year like cozy sweaters, festive lights, vacation time and holiday parties—just to name a few. But with all the joy that winter has to offer, comes the extreme weather and the way-too-regular bad hair day.

Wondering what’s causing the skyrocketing spike in your bad hair days? The answer lies in a strand-damaging combo of winter’s dry air and a kicked up thermostat—yes, it’s not just the air outside that’s drying out your strands. Indoor heat can be rough! Not to worry—a few tweaks to your hair-care routine will have your hair looking and feeling its best just in time for that New Year’s Eve party.

  • Cover up. Hats and hoods will protect your hair from exposure to freezing temperatures and wind. But wearing a hat can dry your hair out even more, so make sure your hair is properly conditioned before covering it up.
  • Winter can be extremely drying on your strands and conditioning after you shampoo might not be enough to replenish the moisture in your hair. Using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week can help hydrate parched strands. Your hair salon can also apply a deep conditioning treatment if you’d rather not do it at home.
  • If you wash your hair every day during the winter, you could be helping to dry it out. Skipping a day or two in between washes will allow your hair to absorb more natural oils and retain moisture. That means silkier, shinier strands.
  • A hot shower certainly feels good during the winter, but steaming hot water tends to strip the natural oils from your scalp (and your skin). Opt for a warm shower to keep your strands sleeker and your skin smoother.
  • Limit the use of heated styling tools like blow-dryers and irons, which can be damaging to the hair—causing it to become even more brittle and dry. However, make sure your hair is dry before stepping outside. Wet hair and cold air can be a harmful mix, causing the hair to freeze and break like an icicle. Plus, like your mom always said, it could give you a cold. If you absolutely must use your blow-dryer, try using it on the cool air setting, which is less damaging.
  • Trim your hair more often. Split ends are more common in the winter, so decreasing the time you wait between trims will help keep your ends healthy and promote hair growth.
  • Winter wind and indoor heat is dry. If you own a humidifier: take it out, dust it off and plug it in. This will add much-needed moisture to the air that will help hydrate your scalp.

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