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So you’ve decided to take the first step and schedule your free consultation but you’re left with a lot of questions about what to expect. Don’t worry, that’s normal! The good news is your consultation is nothing to worry about. It’s an exciting, hopeful experience that will answer many of your questions related to why your hair is thinning and falling out. It’s the first step towards the new you—younger looking, more confident, complete with a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Many people ask why they can’t just do a consultation over the phone. The answer is simple—a hair loss specialist needs to see your hair and scalp. Since your hair loss is completely unique to you, it’s crucial that we meet you in person. Coming into the center and having your hair and scalp examined will help us find the hair loss treatments that are right for you so you can get the natural results you desire.

Once you arrive to your consultation at your local Hair Club Center, you’ll meet privately with a friendly and knowledgeable hair loss consultant. “Bring pictures,” suggests Melissa Oakes, Hair Club’s Vice President. “If you have pictures of yourself of when you had more hair, it can be very helpful in determining the best option.”

From there, you’ll discuss your concerns, ask questions and get a closer look at your hair and scalp with help from our new and exclusive TrichoView platform. This diagnostic tool will allow you to see a magnified view of your scalp right before your eyes. It will also help your consultant uncover the facts about the current condition of your hair and scalp and how you can improve it with one of Hair Club’s solutions, which include non-surgical, surgical and preventative options.

Read on to learn more from Oakes about what you should expect during your free consultation and why you have nothing to worry about.

How long will I be there?
“We have reserved an hour for your private consultation. Depending on your needs, questions and areas of concern this time could be a bit shorter or longer. This time is all yours so we will do whatever possible to accommodate you.”

What will I be doing?
“You will be learning about your hair and scalp, having your questions answered and discovering possible treatment options to help you with your hair loss. The consultation experience is enlightening and very informative.”

Will I have to buy anything?
“That’s up to you, but most people want to take control of their hair loss as soon as possible. We will help guide you with any decisions and answer any questions to make it as easy as possible for you.”

What will I learn?
 “You will learn more about why people lose their hair, and we will personalize your consultation with a TrichoView Hair & Scalp Analysis. We will be able to look at your areas of concern and work together to determine the best solution. You’ll learn more about the factors contributing to your hair loss and receive a suggested treatment plan with a reasonable cost estimate.”

Remember, there’s no pressure or obligations and yes, the consultation is really free. There’s absolutely no cost involved. “However, since many people find a solution to help their hair loss, it’s not a bad idea to come prepared,” adds Oakes. “It’s also good to know that pricing varies depending on the solution and that financing is available.”

Schedule your free consultation here.

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  • Pat

    My dermatologist took a biopsy and says I have lichen planopilaris of the scalp so would you still give me the free tricho view? It may also be genetic. I have heard that you do bonding and have to keep going back to replace hair? Also, I have not been into Hair Club yet because my dermatologist told me not to go when I asked? But nothing is working, and I am not good with my own hair, and need more help. I am in my 60’s and have little hair from front to partial back of my head. It sounds like Hair Club has come a long way. maybe I just need a little push.

    • Hi Pat. Yes, Hair Club has come a long way. Today we offer several solutions proven effective for hair loss. We would love to have you come in for a free TrichoView Hair & Scalp Analysis. We can go over your results and discuss which options may be right for you. There’s no pressure or obligation to go forward so there is really nothing to lose. If you decide to come in you can schedule online by filling out the form or by calling us at (888) 847-4344. We hope to see you soon. Best of luck!

      • Pat

        My name is Karmen and I have LPP so would you not do a scalp analysis on me because I already know what is wrong? If you do the bonded method do you shave the head? And how often does one have to come back HC?

        • Karmen, we can still perform a TrichoView so we can determine which solutions are best for you. All of these questions will be easier to answer once we see your scalp in person. We’d be happy to discuss them all in depth in during your free consultation! Feel free to call us anytime at (888) 847-4344.

        • Hi Karmen, we can absolutely perform an analysis. During the appointment, we will be able to answer all of your additional questions.

  • jeff hawkes

    Do you have any centers in Michigan?.Also,i have a bald spot in back of head and thinning in front and sides.Is treatment gonna cost me thousands that i don’t have? I’m praying that i will be blessed with something affordable so i can have confidence back,go swimming again(which i haven’t done since 1995), and quit wearing a hat all the time.

  • Kranti

    May u know the cost of the treatment..i lost my hair on the top head completely I can say got complete baldness. What could be the approximate cost for surgical methods???and how much for non surgical ???
    If possible send me any scenario of existence customer??