Healthy Hair

Hair tools, styling products and hair dressers can only make your hair look so good. If the health of your hair is subpar, bad hair days are inevitable. Split ends, breakage, dandruff, excess oil and hair loss can all result from unhealthy locks but luckily, a few small tweaks to your normal routine can significantly boost the condition of your hair. If your hair seems to be falling flat, try incorporating these healthy habits to avoid bad hair days for good.

1. Shampoo at least three times a week. Washing your hair might seem like a no-brainer but keeping your strands clean is the first step to a healthy head of hair. Shampooing regularly will help remove the dirt and buildup on the hair that can deteriorate the condition of your scalp. Make sure to work the shampoo through all of your hair and rinse thoroughly so no residual detergents are left behind, which can damage the hair shaft and scalp.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Think conditioner is optional? Think again. After you shampoo, always apply conditioner and let it penetrate the hair for three to five minutes.  Look for conditioners that contain light proteins, like hydrolyzed human hair keratin proteins (such as Trima Volumizing Conditioner), which can help strengthen your hair. Conditioners containing these proteins can easily penetrate your hair to replenish nutrients essential for optimal hair health. Plus, they work to repair split ends!

3. Protect your hair from the sun. As it turns out, it’s not just your skin that needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Excessive sun exposure can cause severe damage to your hair by inducing oxidation, which can leave strands weak, brittle, dry and faded.  Look for hair products that contain UV protectors and apply them regularly before spending time outside.

4. Eat a balanced diet. Believe it or not, nutrition is just as important for your hair as it is for your body.  A balanced diet full of fresh fruits, veggies, grains and lean proteins can keep your hair feeling healthy and looking shiny. In addition to foods high in vitamins B, C, E, A and K, nutritionists also recommend foods containing biotin (a B vitamin known for promoting healthy hair) like lentils, nuts and dairy. Protein-rich foods (think meats, eggs, cheese, seeds and nuts) quickly promote hair health, especially fish, which packs a double punch of protein combined with healthy essential fatty acids and natural oils.

How do you keep your hair looking its best? Let us know in the comments.

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