Hair Club Happenings, Must Read

Hair Club is proud to present their new and improved nation-wide television infomercial. The brand-new infomercial is currently airing on truTV, Syfy and GSN (Game Show Network) — bringing the latest hair loss breakthroughs to millions of television viewers across the country.

Hair loss can be devastating and Hair Club has found that most people delay taking action. Through the new infomercial, Hair Club hopes to connect consumers of all ages, genders and ethnicities with one of the many Hair Club success stories featured so they can get their hair back sooner rather than later. All models presented in the commercial are satisfied Hair Club clients from across the country—not actors—sharing their true, unscripted stories of hair loss and hair restoration.

“The infomercial speaks to a wide range of different people— men and women, young and old, and across multiple races and ethnicities. Each person has a unique hair loss problem and we want to show that we cover all solutions for any hair restoration need,” said Douglas Prather, Director of Hair Club Marketing.

With over three decades in business, it has been several years since Hair Club has released an entirely new 28-minute infomercial showcasing amazing transformations of men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Hair Club partnered with video production company Canvas Films Inc. to create the new spot with the explicit goal of revitalizing their video creative and introducing viewers to a new batch of Hair Club Clients. Hair Club is proud to have been successful in doing so, premiering the new commercial in September 2014.

Canvas Films embarked upon a new style to shoot the 2014 Hair Club Infomercial. “We used the client’s full stories, thus titling the show Hair Club ‘Real Stories’. Using this method, we allowed the clients to tell their full story, from the start of their hair loss to the moment when they made the decision to do something about it,” said Anthony Foy, Canvas Films Producer.

“The team at Canvas Films also worked with an international team of top animation experts to produce life-like 3D models of various stages of Hair Loss to represent the Norwood Scale. With the Real Stories testimonial style and the 3D graphics, the viewer at home can now better relate to the clients on TV and get excited for their own possible outcomes,” added Philip Ruesch, Canvas Films Director of Photography.

To match the look and feel of the new television creative, Hair Club has also revamped, taking inspiration from the modern graphics, fonts, colors and other stylistic elements seen on the television and translating them to the web.

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