Hair Club Happenings

October 15, 2009 – Chicks dig vampires, but nowadays they also dig zombies – yes, zombies. With zombies all the rage these days appearing in theaters and books around the country, and with Halloween just around the corner, Hair Club®, puts its own unique spin on the zombie mythology with a brand new action video game that ties thinning hair and the undead together.

The game is called “Dead Sexy: Invasion of the Bald Zombies “, and works like this: you’re armed with a gun and shoot dead, creepy-looking zombies. As you take out these dead, bald, reanimated corpses, they re-grow their hair and turn into hot-looking chick magnets. As you make your way through the game’s levels, you’re that much closer to the end goal – arriving at The Hair Club Mansion, where a bevy of sexy ladies await.

This fun shooter game is being advertised on Chiller Network Television in October and November, where commercials for “Dead Sexy: Invasion of the Bald Zombies” will appear during their Friday night premiere movies at 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST, as well as on the website.

In addition, “Dead Sexy” will be available as a Facebook application that can be shared and played with friends.

While Hair Club takes a humorous poke at the latest zombie craze, they are quite serious about the problem of addressing thinning hair. The company is well aware men and women suffering from hair loss link success and happiness to their hair. For more than 33 years Hair Club has been the industry leader in hair loss treatments.

Hair Club offers a variety of hair loss & thinning hair solutions to choose from, depending on what the client hopes to achieve. Options include: Follicular Unit Transplantation, the “Gold Standard” in hair transplant surgery, through the network of physicians Hair Club manages, the Non-Surgical Bio-Matrix hair system, using the Strand by Strand™ process that uses real human hair, and an intensive rejuvenation process known as EXT (short for Extreme Hair Therapy), that includes an FDA approved hair re-growth agent. Customers (and zombies) do not have to be bald anymore.

So whether it’s taking down mindless, flesh-eating zombies with the opportunity to lounge with beauties at The Hair Club Mansion, or just looking and feeling your best, Hair Club is open for business.

Hair Club is the largest company in the hair restoration and hair replacement industry, with more than 90 hair loss treatment centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1976 by Sy Sperling, known by the trademark phrase “I’m not just the president, I’m also a client.”.