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Hair Club Hits Social Media Week 2014!

February 16, 2014

Posted in Hair Club® In The News

Hair Club & Social Media Week

Chris DiBiase, from the marketing department at Hair Club, blogging from Social Media Week in NYC…

I’m very excited as I am on route to New York City for Social Media Week 2014! During my trip I plan to learn all about the newest social media tactics that we can use to introduce our NEW products, UNIQUE services, and INNOVATIVE technologies to the world. Here are just a few that are currently in development and likely to be put into action VERY SOON:

  • A Brand New State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Management System, exclusive to Hair Club. This system will accurately gather demographic and diagnostic data for individuals suffering from hair loss conditions. This device is key to establishing a baseline for monitoring progress and determining the best treatment options to each individual needs—A TRUE MODERN SCIENCE REVOLUTION!

Microscopic hair & scalp Analysis

  • New Women’s Hair Replacement Programs: These NEW programs will take women’s hair restoration to a whole new level, by offering real, natural-looking hair systems. These programs include routine salon services, which include high-fashion styling. Just look at Kathy below—SHE LOOKS AMAZING!

Women's Hair Restoration

  • New Hair Volumizing Technique: A process ideal for men and women who want fuller thicker hair, by attaching several stands of hair to ones own individual stand of hair. The added hair looks and feels just like the existing growing hair—ONLY BETTER AND STRONGER!

Hair Club Volumizing

Well, I’m still on route as I write while flying over the Atlantic. Hopefully I will land without 5 feet of snow and zero degree temps. Either way, my attention is focused on this 5-day social media fest, and I look forward to sharing my experiences.

~Chris DiBiase


About the author

Hair Restoration Expert Founded in 1976 by Sy Sperling, Hair Club is the leader in hair restoration and the largest company in the industry. Hair Club offers all proven hair loss solutions, including Hair Transplants, EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy & Non-Surgical Hair Replacements. Currently, Hair Club has 100 locations throughout North America.

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