Hair Club Happenings

Ontario, CA, October 21, 2008 – If you suffer from hair loss, then you have an ally coming to town. Hair Club, is opening a hair loss treatment center at 3536 Concourse, Suite 203, Ontario, CA 91764. The new center is one of more than 95 Hair Club locations in the US.

“We’re very excited about expanding into the Inland Empire,” said Grant Wegner, Hair Club’s vice president of the Western Region. “It will be our fifth location in Southern California. With population growing considerably in the area the past 5-6 years, this will help us better serve our current clients and new customers as well.”

The new Ontario Hair Club location will offer all proven hair loss solutions: our exclusive non-surgical Bio-Matrix Strand-by-Strand™ hair replacement; hair transplantation surgery; and a hair therapy system that works to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. The surgical solutions will be presented at the Ontario center, with clients having the one-day outpatient transplant procedures performed at either the Beverly Hills or Orange County locations.

An all-local staff will administer hair loss treatments. Each Hair Club center operates with a customer-oriented team comprised of hair loss experts, and Hair Club stylists, who are all licensed cosmetologists and specially trained hair replacement professionals.

The center’s new location will provide greater convenience for its area customers, many of whom were driving several hours to Orange County, San Diego or even Glendale for their hair loss treatments.

“This will be a huge convenience to our clients, and will allow us to expand the number of clients we are able to service with hair restoration treatments.” said Wegner.

The new center opens Tuesday, October 21st.

Hair Club is the largest company in the hair restoration and hair replacement industry, with more than 90 hair loss treatment centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1976 by Sy Sperling, known by the trademark phrase “I’m not just the president, I’m also a client.”.


  • helena

    I have been with Hair Club for a little under a year as a Sales Consultant, coming to Hair Club has been the best carrer move I have ever made. Hair club has given me the opportunity to educate and find the right hair care solutions for our future members. I feel blessed that every day i get the chance to change someones life in a positive way. I’m fortunate to work with an amazing knowledgable staff that has outstanding customer service skills, and a team who truely care and give 100%. I get to see beautiful smiles and tears of joy every day from our members.