Hair Club Happenings

Not only does Hair Club give people their lives back everyday by restoring their looks and confidence, but the company is also genuinely committed to philanthropy. Both at a corporate and community level, Hair Club offers time and donations to many charitable causes.

Founded by Hair Club

The company started Hair Club for Kids in 1992, which offers FREE services to children ages 6-17 suffering from hair loss.

Hair Club also offers four $2,000 Pedro Baez Collage Scholarships every year, in support of the company’s strong commitment to education and individual excellence.

Recent Charitable Event Highlights

Every year Hair Club centers throughout North America raise money to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year the company donated over $12,000!

In partnership with the Children’s Alopecia Project, Hair Club held the 4th annual Alopecia-palooza event in North Carolina August 9-12. The weekend brought together hundreds of children & adults suffering from alopecia.

For the ninth year in a row, Hair Club was the title sponsor of Trichotillomania Learning Center’s annual conference, held May 4-6 in Chicago.

Hair Club Charlotte held a ‘Beauty Day’ for under-privileged families from a local middle school through the Crown Jewels organization.

Hair Club’s 100 centers, as well as the corporate office, support Toys For Tots annual toy drive every year, sometimes in lieu of their own office party.

Employees from the IT department participated in SmartRide, raising almost $4,000 to support those living with HIV and AIDS.

“I cannot thank Hair Club enough for their generous donation to help children living with alopecia, who have never met another young person with the self-esteem-crushing disease, meet friends and find hope. We couldn’t do it without Hair Club.”

– Executive Director
Children’s Alopecia Project