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May 13, 2010 – Hair is the latest weapon being used in the fight to prevent the oil in the Gulf of Mexico from reaching the shore. Hair Club, and its 95 North American hair restoration centers are collecting hair clippings and sending them to the Matter of Trust Organization – an effort they hope will help soak up the massive spill that is spreading toward the Mississippi and Louisiana coastline.

“Unfortunately, this disaster is going to have a huge impact on the Gulf Coast for years to come,” said Michele Graves, Vice President of Human Resources for Hair Club. “Hair Club is in a unique position to help with the cleanup efforts, and we are more than happy to give our continued support for as long as there is a need.”

Volunteers are stuffing the hair into discarded nylons used to create absorbent booms or “hair mats” that will be used to clean up oil spills. Each boom can soak up about 32 ounces of oil. Once the oil is extracted from the booms, they can be re-used more than 100 times. After the cleanup, worms reduce the oily hair to compost.

“It doesn’t get more renewable than this,” said Lisa Gautier, co-founder of the Matter of Trust organization. “We think it’s a safe, non-toxic way to do the cleanup.”

This will be the first year Hair Club has partnered the Matter of Trust Organization, but it is a partnership that Hair Club intends to continue long after the Gulf Coast cleanup.

Hair Club, which performs close to 2,000 haircuts daily and over 500,000 haircuts annually, has pledged to maintain its contributions to the charity in order to ensure that any future cleanup efforts are well supplied.

“We shampoo because hair collects oil,” said Gautier, “Why should millions of pounds of absorbent, natural, renewable fiber go to waste every day?”

Hair Club is the largest company in the hair restoration and hair replacement industry, with more than 95 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1976 by Sy Sperling, known by the trademark phrase “I’m not only the Hair Club President, I’m also a client.”

Matter of Trust is an eco-focused non-profit organization. Based out of San Francisco, their mission is to link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems. Conceived in 1998 by Lisa Craig Gautier and her husband, Patrice Olivier Gautier this nonprofit received 501 (c) 3 public charity status in May of 1999. For more information visit

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