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African-American hair is different than other races. Hair Club, the leading expert in providing black hair loss and regrowth solutions, can work with you to develop a customized solution for your unique hair type and situation.

Look around. It’s no secret that hair types vary greatly between ethnicities. African American hair, for instance, is often black and tightly curled. It tends to be woolly and dry and is very easily damaged by heat or chemicals. “African” hair can twist 12 times as much as “Caucausoid” hair and is usually more vulnerable to chemical or physical damage because of its unique structure, which is more curved than other hair types.

Although African American hair is characteristically different from other hair in more way than one, there is no limitation on treating African American hair loss. Hair Club stylists are specially trained to work with African American hair and its unique qualities. Many of our African American clients have even chosen to replace their current beauty salon or barber shop with Hair Club, visiting regularly for expert, quality services to keep their hair looking their best.

Hair Club offers a variety of hair loss solutions that have restored the hair and confidence of thousands of African Americans:


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is a quick and affordable option to recreate the look and feel of your hair by filling in areas that are experiencing thinning and balding. However, many African Americans face the issue of unnatural results with typical versions of this method. At Hair Club, we add hair one strand at a time, precisely duplicating the unique organic pattern in which the hair grows naturally. With various hair types and textures available, the results appear natural.
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When performed by a knowledgeable and experienced physician, hair transplants can be a very successful hair loss treatment for African Americans. However, since African American hair does have unique characteristics such as its curved structure, it may be a little more challenging. Seek doctors who are experienced with African American hair, such as Hair Club’s network of physicians.

Because African American hair tends to be coarse and thick, it generally provides better coverage than fine hair. For that reason, it’s possible an African American patient may need less follicles transplanted than someone with very fine hair, which can potentially lower the price of treatment.


Topical products are an easy, economical and proven way to slow or prevent further hair loss and work great for African American hair loss. In addition to Hair Club’s EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy, a topical regimen featuring nutritional supplements and FDA-approved hair regrowth agent minoxidil, Hair Club also offers Laser Therapy solutions. Both of these methods have provided outstanding results for African American hair growth.

For a limited-time Hair Club is offering a special discount on hair loss solutions. To learn more, schedule your free, no-obligation hair analysis.