Healthy Hair

What’s Trending in Hair Styles for 2013:

This year Retro glamour and that 60s style sensation is in full force! You’ve probably started to notice it on TV with new ads marketing towards thick mascaraed lashes, thicker eyebrows and heavy well defined eyeliner. Did you notice the hair? High-rise, volume, beehives and bang appeal! Many celebrities are sporting this type of style including well-known actress, musician and singer-songwriter Zooey Deschanel and music sensation Adel. These ladies pull off this chic look with ease.

How to get the look:

However, celebrities have every stylist waiting hand and foot on them, fixing every loose strand and powdering every flaw to perfection; but what about the rest of us? How could I pull of the amazing awesomeness of thick, high-rise styles while suffering with thinning hair? Ladies get your “volume on” using thickening products, large round bristled brushes and accessories. From some of my previous tips posted, get the look of thicker hair use a volumizing root spray or mousse on damp hair followed by blow drying your hair using a thick round bristled brush. To get the high-rise look of 60s glam, back comb your hair starting in the middle of your hair moving in sections backwards, this will achieve the bump effect. Complete your style using finishing spray to keep your hair in place and don’t forget to… accessorize!  Jackie O’s famous style of adding a sophisticated scarf and shades is a timeless tactic to achieve a polished look to any outfit. Thick headbands, bows, and vintage decorated clips are also in session

60sCutNew Cut, New Style, New YOU!
So you’re stuck in the middle, you don’t have long hair, your hair is thinning and you’re not sure how to pull off the 60s glam that everyone is striving for. Get bold and try a shorter haircut. Shorter haircuts like the shoulder-length bob, a sweeping crop and pixie cuts are also back in style and can help with the minimizing the noticeability of thinning hair.