Women's Hair Loss

Top o the morning to you!

I have always been a fan of the Holidays. My 2 favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. For Halloween you can dress how ever you want, attend fun parties and have costume contests. Christmas is always fun with gifts and family. You can also be creative and have ugly sweater parties, Santa parties, and funny gift exchanges. I even have so much fun getting creative with my style for St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and many more holidays! If there is a holiday, you better believe I will be fun and creative with my hair, nails, makeup and clothing! These days you see a lot more funky hair colors, makeup and clothes! Since I am a hairstylist and a super girly girl, being creative with funky colors and makeup has always been fun for me… especially when there is a holiday. You can make your look even more funky during the holiday because it gives you an excuse to go all out and look awesome.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Since St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away why not have fun with green, and the colors of the rainbow! My girlfriends and I have so much fun when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. We always find great ideas to make our hair different colors and have fun with our makeup, nails, and clothes. Be creative and have fun, you only live once- try it.

These are a few fun easy tips to have fun and be creative with your hair, nails, makeup and clothing to celebrate the Irish in all of us:

  • With your hair why not add some colored clip on extensions, you can find in most beauty supply stores or the mall. You can also reuse them for next year or another fun party. If you really want to get creative and keep some colors in your hair longer or more permanent, the best thing to do is to lighten the pieces you want colored, than add green, pink or whatever color you like, it will last longer. The reason you lighten  the pieces of hair makes the color stand out more and brighten the color. Or have fun and buy a colored wig.
  • Add some GREEN sparkle to that “DO”! After you have your hair set “ADD SOME GLITTER TO THAT STYLE”…A girl always needs some sparkle!
  • Nails can also be super fun to decorate for any holiday! More and more women are getting super creative with their nails, by adding different designs, colors, and lots of sparkle. Try panting all your nails green and paint only your ring finger yellow with GOLD polish and add glitter to represent a “Pot of Gold”!
  • Makeup is one of my favorite things to get creative with! Making your eyes sparkle or stand out is always an eye enhancer. You can find fun makeup almost any where. Play around with the eyelashes, fun eye shadows, and lipsticks to create  a glam look.
  • Don’t forget to get decked out in green, plaid, stickers, necklaces and buttons to celebrate the holiday!