Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

Stress effects people every single day, unfortunately sometimes stress is something we cannot control. Stress can affect your body in many different ways, it can make you lose weight, gain weight, give you mood swings, and it can even make you lose your hair. Stress is very common in causing hair loss. The good thing about losing your hair over stress is once the stress goes away than your hair should start to grow back in its normal stages.

If you are going through some stress there are 3 types of hair loss that are associated with high stress levels:

Alopecia Areata: is when the white blood cells attack the hair  follicle or can be caused by severe high  levels of stress, this is when you lose your hair in patches. (Unfortunately in this case you would have to see a doctor to see if he can help this situation, at times the hair will just come back on its own).

Telogen Effluvium: is caused from emotional or physical stress this pushes large number of growing hairs into the resting phase, within a few months the affected hairs may fall out suddenly. (This is something you can help with just relieving your stress, maybe a workout, reading a book, sometimes even watching TV helps. Anything that helps you relieves your stress).

Trichotillomania: is an urge to pull out your hair which can also be due to stress; in this case long term pulling could eventually damage the hair follicle and not re-grow your hair back. (This is just a habit you have to break; it is like biting your nails. Once you stop if your hair follicle is not already damaged your hair will grow back).

If you feel your hair is thinning due to hair loss you need to talk to your doctor.

 Some products may help with stressed thinning hair. I know from working at Hair Club® most clients see great results with using our EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy product line and treatments.  Our cleansers help revive and strengthen the hair, removing access oil, dirt and debris. Our conditioner helps strengthen the hair shaft, we also supply Supplements that helps promote hair growth, also having you use minoxidil that is FDA approved and stimulates hair growth. You would also come in for spa treatments for your hair once a month and we keep a progress report on your results.

If you are stressing about your hair thinning, the more you stress the worse it will get. Hair Club® offers many solutions for all types of hair loss.

A few tips to remember:

  • We lose an average of 50-100 hairs a day.
  • We have 3 phases that the hair goes through: growing, resting and shedding.
  • Not using conditioner can cause breakage and dryness to the hair, conditioner is very important to use.
  • Try and keep your stress levels to a minimum. 
  • Always use great products.

Hair Club® is always here for you!