Success Stories, Women's Hair Loss

Kathy has been a Hair Club client since 2005. Born and raised in Indiana, she started to notice that her hair was thinning during her freshman year of high school. Anticipating that this would happen to her since her relatives also had very thin hair; this was a very emotional and painful time for Kathy. She was very athletic, loved swimming, involved in cheerleading, had a passion for motorcycles and sports cars and found that she was hesitant to take part in any of these activities in fear it would make her thinning hair more noticeable. “I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted my inside and outside to match”, stated Kathy.

Kathy sought help in the early 2000s as she wanted to be an educator that people believed in and see that she was fun and exciting. She wanted kids to have trust in her and felt that her appearance had a large influence on how others perceived her. “I didn’t feel like people took me seriously. I wanted people to enjoy speaking with me. Usually their eyes went to the top of my head which bothered me”.
After researching and seeking out many options only to find the results were not satisfactory and not a positive experience, Kathy then found Hair Club. “I was up one night working on lesson plans watching a Hair Club infomercial. At that time it seemed like it was only for Men, everything was all about men. I thought maybe there is help out there for me. I continued to do my research and there was. I did find that after I made my appointment with Hair Club that they did cater to women, and they have ALOT of women that suffer from hair loss”. As Kathy found that it’s hard to love yourself when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Getting her hair back allowed her to be who she is and love what she does. For women it’s very emotional and stressful to have hair loss and also have to seek help can be emotional as well.

“I call the girls my family, I look forward to my appointments and it’s my time…it’s my time to talk about how Hair Club has helped me. I love it when people say I love your hair. It’s so natural. Through my research I was really scared that it was just going to be just a wig. When you’re a teacher and you’re on recess that is your biggest concern if someone will notice – Was it going to be natural looking? Would people notice? The best part is I can change may hair any way I want, I can change my hair color, and I can change the style. I can go long, curls or straight. Hair Club changed my life not only physically but mentally too, they brought back the love that I had for life for me to love who I am and love to do what I do”, Kathy explained.

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