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Women have a very hard time with hair loss, imagine being a child and going through the same issue. Since I have suffered with hair loss my whole life until now, being a child and suffering with hair loss was very hard! As we all know some children can be cruel and now bullying is worse than ever!  When you’re a young child or young adult the way you look can make some people talk about you and make fun of you! Sometimes even looking perfect can cause issues so why wouldn’t they talk about your thin hair! In my case they did, they called me baldy, stared and said mean things. I didn’t let people talk down on me I always stood up for myself, other children may not have the strength and cry themselves to sleep every night, which needs to stop! I wish I knew about Hair Club® when I was younger. Hair Club® has helped hundreds of children, making them feel and look beautiful, giving them that confidence that kids were destroying! Hair Club® offers kids there dream hair; kids are way too young to feel uncomfortable and feel like they don’t fit in just because there hair is thin or already gone. We can help them feel confident and beautiful! Being a child and struggling with hair loss is a bit shocking for some people, they think hair loss is something that only adults go through, it affects all ages. Children have their whole life ahead of them, why wait when you can have the hair you want at any age!


Hair Club® has been offering free restoration services to children ranging in ages from 6 to 17 that experience hair loss or alopecia due to diseases. Since 1992, Hair Club® for Kids has been entirely funded by Hair Club® with nearly 100 hair loss centers located in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico providing this free service to children in need. Hair Club® for Kids works with doctors and other organizations to assist kids who are impacted by disease and hair loss, some of these organizations are: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to name a few.

Comments from Kid Clients at Hair Club® :

Makenzee Meaux, 13 years old – “I am 13 years old and I have Alopecia Universalis, which is a medical condition where you lose your hair very fast. I lost all of my hair in 6 months about four years ago. It was hard at the beginning, the kids at school watched me lose my hair and many thought I had cancer. I had tried everything, from topical treatments to steroid injections, but there were side effects. I even tried wearing wigs but they were always coming off. Then my parents took me to Hair Club®, and I currently wear a full hair system. It was a God-send to have my hair back! I now like to share my story with people at school, explain what is wrong with me and that I am still the same person. I am so happy to have my hair back!”

Mikayla Hawkins, 7 years old – “I am 7 years old and I have had Alopecia Areata since I was 4. I have tried wigs before but I like to dance and do gymnastics and the hair would fall off. I also tried creams and shots but they made me feel weird. But now I can dance without worrying my hair is going to fall off.”

Max Sherwood, 10 years old – “My name is Max and I have had Trichotillomania for 3 years. I used to not like going out in public but since I got my new hair from Hair Club®, I feel more comfortable and now I can try out for plays and dance class. I like to tell people about what happened to my hair and how I got it back.”


  • Sarah E. Logue

    Hi I’ve been calling and leaving messages for a couple months now about my daughter. Is there a better way to contact the hair club for kids?

  • Hi Kira,give Hair Club for Kids a call at 1-(800)-269-7384!

  • Kira Orzechowicz

    What are the treatment options for alopecia areata ? My daughter is 8 and has tried the steroid injections and topical foam but they haven’t worked. She has lost over 50 percent of her hair. Looking for a natural look that doesn’t require wigs and extensions we’ve tried that and the wig falls off and extensions dont cover it all