Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

Is there a difference between Men and Women’s Hair Loss?
Yes- a huge difference! I believe men are more accepted by society when they lose their hair, when it comes to a woman losing her hair everyone is in shock and asks why? Why her? We have more and more women these days suffering with hair loss.  When people talked about hair loss and were ready to do something about it, advertisements offering solutions were only geared towards men. It wasn’t being discussed that women also suffer from hair loss. Now, thanks to all these new technologies and treatments, we have options for women just as we do for men.

Who suffers the most when it comes to hair loss?
I think both males and females do. Alopecia (hair loss) is a very hard thing to go through, but again, hair loss for men is more common to see and accepted. Hair loss in women is often talked about and looked as a shock.  Women are not meant to lose their hair, women are meant to have beautiful thick hair. Sorry but in the real world that is not the case. When a woman struggles with hair loss there is a lot more emotion they go through than a man. A man can simply shave his head; if a woman shaves her head people think something is wrong. I know some men get really upset and are very sensitive to the subject that they are losing their hair or have already lost it. I see this every day at my work, but when it comes to a woman there are a lot more tears and embarrassment involved. They don’t feel like a woman, they feel alone, afraid and want to fix the problem immediately. I am a woman who has suffered from hair loss in the past and I work with people every day that are suffering with hair loss, men and women. I know the emotions each of them go through… good and bad. Men tend to have an “um I really don’t care, I can shave it or wear a hat” attitude at first but when in reality it does bother them and they would really like to change something about their hair loss. Men sometimes feel if they do something to change their hair loss issue people may think they have a low self-esteem, when I believe changing something about yourself you don’t like is a great accomplishment. If something can make you feel more confident and better about yourself you should change it. When I see a client for the first time with their head down and feeling insecure about their hair loss it breaks my heart. When they start to see the change in their hair- they change. They come in with their head held high; they have the confidence to pursue that new job, girlfriend, boyfriend, lose weight and much more… all because they decided to do something about their hair.  Hair to most people is the most important thing, it was for me, once I got my hair back I swear to you I lost weight, got my dream job and got married. Why? Because I had my confidence back! I wasn’t shy or embarrassed anymore to pursue what I wanted from life.  Men and women feel the same way. They both have the same affects when it comes to women and men’s hair loss, but there emotions are different. A women feels alone, when a man can say he saw it coming. At Hair Club we help men, women, and children. We offer 3 different solutions’ that will help you get your confidence back, don’t wait another day to feel the way you do about your hair. The day you decide to make a change is when your life will change forever; trust me I am living proof.