Men's Hair Loss, Women's Hair Loss

It’s a common question that I hear a lot.

It can be scary noticing excess hair on your hairbrush or around your drain. While the sight of hair not attached to your head may be frightening, there’s no need to worry just yet. That’s because everyone loses hair. In fact, it’s completely normal to lose about 50-100 hairs every day. Shedding is just a natural part of your hair’s growth cycle. However, if you are noticing bald patches or excessive thinning, you may be experiencing hair loss.

Millions of people experience hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss ranging from medications to genetics. By the age of 25, 25% of men have lost some of their hair. This proportion rises to 50% by the age of 50. Women lose their hair as well. Roughly 30 million adult women in North America experience thinning hair and hair loss, and some 50% of all women by age 50 are affected.

No matter if you consider your hair loss normal or not, if it’s concerning to you, there are solutions to help you feel and look better. With the right steps, hair loss can even be prevented before it starts. Talking to a professional about your concerns is a great place to start.

A  Hair Club expert can examine your hair under a high-power stereo microscopic to provide you with the facts about the current condition of your hair and answer all of your questions at no charge. Get started today! If you sign up by clicking here, you’ll receive $250 off of any Hair Club solution in addition to a free Microscopic Hair and Scalp Analysis.



  • Varun

    can you please tell any Har Club centers you know…

  • Hi Anwesha,

    The stress from your job and irregular sleep could definitely be contributing to your hair loss. However, it could also be due to other reasons like aging and genetics. Your best bet is to visit a Hair Club Center for a free consultation so we can see your hair under a microscope. Good luck!

  • Anwesha das

    This is Anwesha Das.I am 25 years old and I am working in IT industries.I have all kind of shifts and it really hampers my normal sleeping hours. I am losing more hair last 2 years. I am thinking its due to more tensions at work space and also due to less sleep.Please suggest.
    With Regards,
    Anwesha Das