Hair Club Happenings

“One Step at a Time”

I am sure everyone somehow has been affected by Cancer such as a family member having it, a friend, or even you. Every year the American Cancer Society is an organization that finds ways to help raise money and fight for the cure of cancer. Most cities participate in a “Relay for Life” event that contains hundreds of teams that come together in a local park for 24 hours to raise money for this cause. Cancer never sleeps, so why should we! This is why this event is a 24hr event. This is my second year participating on a team that my friends and I put together called “One Step at a Time”. Being a part of this team and preparing for our “Relay for Life” event has been the most amazing experience ever! We will chant for 24 hours with our teams and each team has a booth with fun things activities to get people involved. As a team, our goal is to look for people and businesses who would like to donate towards finding a cure for cancer and we greatly appreciate that Hair Club gave us a great donation, we thank you for that! Our event going to be held on May 18th, so we will definitely take tons of pictures and let all of you know how it went so all of you can see how truly wonderful this event is. My sister is a survivor of Leukemia and I would do anything for her. I will fight for a cure for Cancer and try to raise as much money as I possibly can to fight this disease. Hair loss is also something that can at times effect you when you have Cancer, fortunately Hair Club offers all 3 proven solutions to help so that you can always look and feel your best.

 At any age, cancer affects people and kids. If this type of event is something you’re interested in, contact your local city office and they should have information in regards to having this event.

Have a great week everyone!