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Sara’s Hair Club For Kids Success Story

January 9, 2014

Posted in Hair Club® for Kids


In 2007, 5-year-old Sara lost all of her hair and was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis.

Over the next six years, Sara and her family explored various hair growth options from oral medications to hair growth creams, with little success. Unfortunately, Sara’s options were limited due to her young age. The next step was experimenting with wigs. Sara tried several different kinds but in Sara’s words, they were “itchy and hot.”

It wasn’t until a family vacation in 2012 when Sara finally found the solution that she and her family were so desperately seeking.  Another family, upon noticing Sara’s condition, introduced themselves and their young long-haired daughter who had found a hair loss solution. The little girl excitedly told Sara’s family that she could play, run and swim in her new hair with no discomfort or issues. And it was all thanks to Hair Club for Kids.

After returning from vacation, Sara visited her local Hair Club center to learn about how she could get her hair back, so she too could run, play and swim with a full head of hair. Of course Sara’s family had doubts—would her hair look natural? The center staff put Sara and her family at ease— patiently answering their questions and explaining how every part of the process would work.


That very same afternoon Sara left her Hair Club center looking how she did prior to losing her hair. “It was an amazing experience,” says Julie S., Sara’s mom. “Sara’s confidence has soared and she is now looking in the mirror again.”

If a child in your life is suffering from hair loss, contact Hair Club for Kids.

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About the author

Jasmine Arteaga "Struggling with hair loss is something no one can understand unless they have walked in my shoes. Never did I think I could have the hair I always dreamed of! Once I gave Hair Club a chance they made my dream become reality and exceeded my expectations. This feeling of happiness will always stay with me!" - Jasmine Arteaga

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