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With winter’s extreme weather, hair can be left fragile and prone to breakage come spring. That’s why stylists say spring is the perfect opportunity to reverse any damage caused by winter’s freezing cold, wind, rain and snow.

Hair Club’s stylists have some easy tips to get your hair in shape for spring:

Get a haircut. Chances are the ends of your hair are showing some signs of stress. Whether they are dry or split, a good trim will give you a fresh start for spring. Trimming split ends will actually make your hair appear a little longer since the breakage caused by split ends makes your hair look thinner and shorter than it actually is.

Monitor your mane. Did you know 50 percent of loss can occur before your hair loss is actually noticeable? That’s why it’s important to monitor the health and condition of your hair—and spring is the perfect time to start. Spend a few minutes in the mirror studying your scalp. Do you notice any new thinning, receding or bald patches? Take pictures if you want to keep track and repeat every few weeks. If any thinning or hair loss progresses it may be time to book a consultation with a professional.

Try looser hairstyles like loose ponytails and braids. Not only are these styles quick and easy, but they are always in style for spring. Loose hairstyles will reduce the amount of tension on the scalp which can lead to hair loss. As a rule of thumb, no hairstyle should ever give a sensation of pulling or pain. Too-tight hairstyles can actually cause a hair loss condition known as Traction Alopecia.

Deep condition. Hair needs moisture so it’s no secret that deep conditioning is one of our favorite tips for reviving dull and damaged hair. Apply conditioner or a hair mask in the shower after you shampoo and put a shower cap over your hair. While you continue to shower, the steam will help the conditioner work its magic. Rinse out after 15 minutes and you’ll notice the difference.

Spend some time spring cleaning. Sort through your hair care products and toss the ones that have been on the shelf for years. Although hair products tend to have a pretty decent shelf like, they do expire eventually. Weird consistencies or funny smells are usually a dead giveaway. As for brushes and combs—they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. If they’re really raunchy, consider replacing. Otherwise a soak in vinegar and baking soda will do the trick. Just rinse with hot water afterwards.

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