Women's Hair Loss

When it comes to fashion, hairstyles, makeup, flowers, and colors… Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons. Easter especially! Easter is very special day to me, my husband proposed to me on Easter Sunday by putting my ring in an Easter egg! The candy, Easter baskets for the kids, the nice new spring outfits – it is just a fun time for all, especially being with family and friends.


What types of fashion would you see during the spring season? I would say that spring is the best time to have articles of clothing at are very loose, clothes that flow, shorts, tank tops, lightly colored jeans, lots of color and flower prints. Don’t forget to accessorize your clothing with fun colored bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Having a simple outfit and adding jewelry can make a huge difference to a woman’s wardrobe. The best colors for spring are pale colors such as mints, corals, light pinks, blues, and yellows. There are many fashion stores that are well priced and have the latest fashions for you to choose from within your budget.  Get creative!


Spring makeup can be very light on the eyes or lips. If you do more of a darker eyeliner or shadow you need to do a lighter lipstick, and if you decide to do a bright or dark lipstick, you need to go lighter on the eyes. Using soft blushes like light pinks or corals are beautiful colors for spring.


When it comes to spring, when choosing hairstyles and hair colors most women tend to go lighter in color with highlights vs. in the winter when women go darker in color, it just depends what color goes well with the different season. Soft curls, braids, and pony tails are totally in for spring! Adding flowers, headbands, and accessories for your hair always makes your hairstyle fun and different. You can be wearing a simple outfit and adding things to your hair and make the whole style change! Express yourself! When it comes to the condition of your hair, when spring starts than follows summer so making sure you are adding more moisture to your hair is extremely important. Doing a conditioning treatment once a week is needed in this time of year, if you have extremely dry hair you will need to do a deeper conditioning treatment once a month with heat. Using a leave- in conditioner every day is also important, finding one that has a sunscreen protector is even better. Also, adding some gloss in your hair will keep it moisturized all day. Don’t be afraid to try new colors and styles, when it comes to lighten your hair it’s okay to do it by a professional, just make sure to trim your hair and keep it moisturized. Spring and summer are also nice to jump in a pool and cool off, I highly recommend to wet your hair first than apply a leave-in conditioner before you jump in that pool. Once you jump in the pool with dry hair that chlorine loves to soak into your hair, which can cause dryness and if your hair is light in can turn green; unless you’re okay with a little green in your hair, which seems to be a hairstyle fashion these days. Make an appointment with your hairstylist and try a new style and cut, go to some fashion stores to buy the latest fashion and colors for this time of year. Number one is to keep your hair conditioned strong and healthy, adding moisture vitamins and protein to your hair is very important in this time of season.

Happy Easter!