Healthy Hair, Women's Hair Loss

Get your hair to do what you want with the right products and tools! 

In order for your hair to always look its best you have to make sure you use great products, proper combs, brushes and styling tools.  Here are some helpful tips to help keep your hair looking healthy and stylish.

Do you have tangled hair?  If your hair is prone to getting tangled easily I highly suggest brushing your hair “before” you shower. Not brushing your hair prior can cause more tangles during the shampoo and conditioning process. Also taking a thick comb and gently combing through your hair while your hair is conditioning also helps prevent tangles and/or knots.  Conditioner is extremely important, some people that have thinning hair are afraid to use conditioner; they think this will make your hair fall out more easily, this is false. You are normally going to lose about 50-100 hairs in a day once you shampoo your hair, which this hair is already going to fall out naturally. Conditioner will soften the hair and that is why you will see more hair. Conditioner protects the hair from environmental damages and helps with breakage.  I also recommend a conditioning rinse after you use your regular conditioner, this really helps with tangle’s even brushing your hair with a leave-in conditioner will make your hair and make it easier to brush.

  • Brush hair prior to showering.
  • Using a leave-in conditioner and a gloss to hydrate the hair is also important with dry and hair prone to tangles.
  • Make sure you get trims regularly!
  • Reconstruct your hair by doing a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, if you are using heat with your treatment then once a month is good enough.
  • Make sure you use a wide tooth comb or brushes were the bristles are more spread out.

How to help dry hair! This can be caused by many different things, in some cases your hair can be over processed or you may be using a cleanser that has chemicals or ingredients which maybe too harsh and strong for your hair type.

If you have constant dry hair try using a product that is highly moisturizing; you may even want to only wash your hair every other day to avoid loss of moisture. Using a leave-in conditioner is a must and also using a gloss to help moisturize your hair every day is essential to adding moisture back into your strands to give your hair that shiny and sleek look.

Using heated devices such as a blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron on an occasional basis is not bad for your hair; however, overusing heating elements on your hair can cause your hair to become brittle, dry and breakage. Give your hair a break once in a while. If you do your own color every 2 weeks only focus on your roots versus doing your entire head which causes more damage to the hair.  Getting your hair trimmed regularly and giving your hair a break from too much heat will help this issue, also doing a conditioning treatment once a week is a must.

Overcome thinning hair! If your hair is really thin, don’t be afraid to use product such as mousse and styling tools to help add volume. Try blow drying your hair using heat and blow dry it by putting your head upside down. This technique will add lots of body to your roots. Adding clip on extensions and powders to cover any thinning areas is a great way to have fun with your hair and try different styles. Do you know how many celebrities use hair pieces, extensions and powders to cover thinning areas of their hair or to get a different look quickly? Lots of them!

Hair Club uses a variety of specialty products that I love to use on clients and myself:

  • Trima’s®Hydra Shine is an excellent Dry Hair Oil Treatment made with Argan Oil.  The serum can be applied to dry or damp hair to give your hair a super smooth and sleek look. It also protects your hair from heat styling while adding shine and fighting frizz.
    Trima’s®Hydra Rinse is a rinse used to help with tangled hair and gives a great condition to your hair.
  • Reconstructor is a conditioning treatment that is only used once a week but helps the health and condition of your hair.
  • Trima’s® Volumizing Conditioner with Botanical Extracts and Sunscreen help strengthen fine, stressed and thinning hair.
  • Trima’s® Hair Repair Treatment Leave-In conditioner will minimize the damage effects of chemical treatments, improves elasticity and rejuvenates the cuticle.
  • Maxxam Gold Body Building Mousse™ is a specially formulated for styling fine and thin hair. Finally a mousse that adds maximizing volume and body without a non-sticky hold.