Women's Hair Loss

Moms work harder than anyone and with so much on their plates it’s easy to see why they may fall into a beauty slump. But if anyone deserves to look stylish and sophisticated, it’s mom.

For many moms shorter hairstyles seem like a no-brainer because of their low-maintenance upkeep and quick styling requirements but where many “mom cuts” go wrong is a style that simply doesn’t compliment their face shape or hair texture. These three easy and carefree haircuts can be customized to flatter any mom, at any age.

Long Layers

Jessica Alba

Ideal for moms who like to keep their hair long but could use a little something to upgrade their look, layers add more volume and texture for a not-so-dramatic makeover. Layers will knock some weight off your hair for easier styling and quicker drying, while still giving you the option to pull your up in a ponytail or back in a loose braid.
Tip: Wearing this style with loose waves or curls will give the appearance of thicker hair.
Warning: This is not a DIY cut. Seek out an experienced stylist so your layers are cut properly—otherwise be prepared to face weeks of bad hair days.

Perfect Pixie

Halle Berry

We know moms want low-maintenance—they have a lot of other things to worry about besides their hair each day—and nothing is more low-maintenance than a pixie cut. New moms tend to gravitate towards this hairstyle, (especially those who experience some postpartum shedding), for its wash and go simplicity. However, it’s more versatile than you think. (Just Google all the ways you can style it.) And while it might be too drastic for some—if you’re looking for a cut that’s short and requires no heat and very little styling products—look no further.
Tip: The texture of a pixie cut will add dimension to thinning hair, making it look thicker.
Warning: Be sure to show your stylist pictures of the exact look you’re going for since there are so many variations of this cut (from bangs to lengths) and discuss what will look best on your face shape.

Long and Angled Bob

Jenna Elfman

This cut is perfect for supermoms who want to easily switch up their style for whatever comes their way. Short hair is obviously easier to handle in the morning and it also tends to look healthier and more put together since longer hair may get a little dry and straggly at the ends. Also—for women without a lot of hair, the bob can work wonders since  fine hair will appear thicker, the shorter it is.
Tip: Keep a little extra length during your appointment, especially if you have curly hair, you can always choose to go a little shorter once you see how it looks.
Warning: Long and angled is always a smart choice but with asymmetrical cuts like this you’ll need regular trims—which takes time and costs money. Also, because there are several interpretations of this style, bring your stylist a picture to work with.

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