Healthy Hair

It’s no secret that just like our bodies, our hair is prone to aging. If preventing our hair from thinning, graying and falling out was as easy as swallowing a pill, it’s likely you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. Sometimes when things seem way too good to be true, they are. And when it comes to vitamins and hair loss that just might be the case.

It’s a nice thought that supplements and vitamins can put an end to your hair loss but unfortunately, the evidence does not exist. There is no research suggesting that supplementing your diet with vitamins can change your hair or scalp condition.  Most doctors agree that if you are not vitamin deficient, taking nutritional supplements will not be helpful.

Several vitamins have been praised for promoting hair growth but unfortunately, at this time there is not enough solid research backing up these claims. Most of the vitamins said to promote hair growth (like biotin, zinc, iron, vitamin A, etc.) are included in multivitamins. That said, there’s no harm in taking a multivitamin daily but be careful when it comes to supplements marketed specifically for hair loss. However, in some cases, a hair loss supplement in combination with other hair loss therapies, may be beneficial.

The truth is treating hair loss which is caused by factors like genetics, hormones, medications and illness is usually more complex than solely taking a vitamin. Read more about the causes of hair loss.

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