Healthy Hair

First of all let’s identify what Hard Water is. As rain water seeps into the ground and passes through rocks such as limestone, it picks up minerals like magnesium and calcium along the way. These minerals along with others like iron make the water “hard to work with”.

Hard water is good to drink and to water gardens and yards due to the high mineral content. But it is bad for hair. This type of water will make the cuticle lift off the hair shaft, making it feel rough and will result in tangled hair. It also doesn’t allow shampoos to lather up well, or rinse out well.

Here are the affects that Hard Water has on your hair and scalp:
• Dryness of hair
• Tangling
• Eczema of the scalp
• Dandruff
• Lack of volume and shine
• Fading of color from dyed hair
• Permed hair losing curl

There are several solutions for people that have have Hard Water, which often times come from well water systems. Most solutions have to do with using chemical softeners or installing filtering equipment to eliminate these unwanted minerals. Some filter systems can cost up to $5000 or more, while other systems are devised of smaller units which can cost around $600.

The bottom line is that Hard Water is not good for hair. It makes hair dry, strips it of color, makes the hair tangle, and can create hair loss since the raised cuticle and dry hair creates a resistance to any brushing. If you have hard water, it is important that you use sulfate free shampoos, as these are more gentle to the hair, and you need to use moisturizing products.